Visiting A Christmas Tree Farm

So, you’ve just arrived at Keele Christmas Tree Farm? Yay! Welcome, it’s great to have you there’s so much to do and your perfect tree awaits! From here you are more than welcome to begin by browsing our selection of buried trees, such trees are great if you are a first time real tree buyer as they allow you to get a greater understanding of their size, smell and most importantly how great they look! If you are ever lost feel free to flag one of our friendly elves (you’ll see them wearing their hi-vis), they have plenty of experience, and if you are lucky enough to be greeted by Charlie of all, you’ll learn even more about your tree!

In a rush, or playing it safe? Our selection of pre-cut trees give you Keele quality, without having to wait for cutting. You’ll find them conveniently in the bays where you can get a grasp of their size, smell and colour as they wait in their nets, ready to be cut-loose at home.

Tree sorted! Now it’s time for the fun part, our cosy café has all the Christmas treats (without the guilt), from gluten free brownies to the yummiest mulled wine this side of England you’ll have something for you. Our café products are lovingly made by local Stoke bakeries, meaning that you get the quality and are supporting local businesses, yay!

One mince pie later, okay maybe 2, and you are ready to pay and get going! Oh wait, don’t forget our assortment of locally produce decorations courtesy of our friends at Wooden it be crate. With the best parts of local craftmanship and produce, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll love, from adorable ornaments, to home-made stocking fillers. There’s something for everyone, and you are supporting local businesses, what else can you ask for!

So that’s it, our handy guide to Keele Christmas Tree Farm, now there’s so much more to do if you have the time, such as lovely walks around the farm, and with the scent of real trees and the feeling of mud on your feet, it really is Christmas here at Keele.


We can’t wait to see you and don't forget to stay merry,

Keele Christmas Tree Farm xxx