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Open 23rd November 2024 

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Welcome to Keele Christmas Tree Farm

Keele Christmas Tree Farm has been providing top quality Christmas trees and a great day out for the family for over 20 years. Come and enjoy a family day out whilst choosing your perfect Christmas tree, enjoying a hot chocolate or a mulled wine and some retail therapy as you browse through the shop to pick up that extra decoration - or two!


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Our Latest News

Sustainable Christmas Trees

Anxious about purchasing your first real tree? Or looking for a little Christmas excitement? Either way our handy guide shows the benefits of real Christmas trees.

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Know Your Christmas Trees!

From needle holders, to a scent that screams Christmas, all of our trees are different! From the novice to a seasoned tree expert, it can sometimes be difficult to know your tree, that’s why we are on a mission to help inform and help people choose the perfect tree for them. Our handy guide will give you all the information you need, without overwhelming nor scaring you.

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Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm

From mince pies to muddy feet, there’s so much to do here at Keele, and we’d feel amiss if we didn’t guide you along your way. So have a read, grab a tea, and we’ll guide you towards your next family tree. 


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Tree tips & tricks

So, you’ve got your new tree! Yay! All is well, the smell is great, the look is beautiful, but just like a pair of new trainers on a muddy path, it’s going to get damaged. It’s just natural, and as you would nurture a plant pot or a vegetable garden, our trees too, need a bit of TLC, (tree loving care). So, sit back, take notes and learn from the very best.

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How to Pick Your Real Christmas Tree

To the tree novice it can be difficult to spot the perfect Christmas tree, that’s why we’ve made this handy blog by consulting with our tree experts, chief growers and harvesters to help you when picking out your real tree.

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Why Choose a Real Christmas Tree

There’s nothing that beats a real Christmas tree and yes we may be a little bit biased, okay very biased, but it really is something else. See having grown up on Christmas tree farms, we have had the opportunity to witness the smells, the feel and of course the annual Christmas day pictures around the tree.

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Christmas Around The World

For most of us, Christmas is our favourite season. We long for December to arrive because the countdown is on - 25 days, 600 hours, 36,000 minutes...need I go on?

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