Tree Tips & Tricks

So, you’ve got your new tree! Yay! All is well, the smell is great, the look is beautiful, but just like a pair of new trainers on a muddy path, it’s going to get damaged. It’s just natural, and as you would nurture a plant pot or a vegetable garden, our trees too, need a bit of TLC, (tree loving care). So, sit back, take notes and learn from the very best. • All about the source! Before you even consider the long term, survival and grooming of your new tree it’s important to choose the right source of tree. Picking the right tree is important, picking the right supplier is a must. Here at Keele all of our trees are nurtured to support long term growth, this means following tried and trusted developing practices to incentivise long term growth and quality. Regardless of who you choose as your supplier, it’s important you choose a high-quality tree as you can prune and water all you want, but lower grade trees will always struggle regardless of the attention put into them. • Water o’clock. Providing your tree with a consistent water source is incredibly important to its survival. These trees have acclimatised to outdoor air (and bad British weather) and thus a steady water supply helps acclimatise themselves to their new surroundings, while incentivising clear colours and lovely crisp smells. We recommended the following rule; ‘for every inch of the trunks diameter, fill the stand with one quart of water’. Still unsure about measurements and quantity required? Just ask one our friendly team members when visiting, they can give you precise requirements tailored to your individual tree! • Nice trim. All trees regardless of size, variety or age require a trim to keep them in shape. Now we don’t have any barber chairs, nor any hairspray, but we do have a fleet of trained harvesters, who have practiced the art of tree trimming for years. It is important that your tree is cut across the base of the trunk. Now this can be done yourselves, but if you are fortunate enough to be down in Keele we are more than happy to do that, just be careful as some suppliers may forget. Doing so is incredibly important as not only does it aid water absorption but incentivises colour retention and prolongs life. • Location, location, location. Channel 4 has nothing on us. See location is incredibly important, just as you wouldn’t put Grandma Mary in front of the log fire, neither would you put your fabulous new tree. Having your tree positioned poorly rapidly speeds up the decaying of your tree, with warm elements quickly drying out the trunk and blocking the successful absorption of water. Placing the tree away from the fire (even just a few metres) is enough to discourage any drying while also keeping it nicely snugged away in your living room. Phew, that was long, but hopefully now you have a better understanding of how your new tree works! A properly maintained and looked after tree can live for up to 4 weeks. We encourage the upkeep of your tree this Christmas, doing so is a great way to maximise quality, minimise dryness and its great fun! Kind of like a much bigger, more green Tamagotchi.