Sustainable Christmas Trees

There’s nothing that beats a real Christmas tree and yes we may be a little bit biased, okay very biased, but it really is something else. See having grown up on Christmas tree farms, we have had the opportunity to witness the smells, the feel and of course the annual Christmas day pictures around the tree.

We absolutely love our trees, and it is so common that friends will ask us, “yes but isn’t it just any normal tree”, rubbish! A real Christmas tree is something else, from the fragrance to touch, you can tell a real tree a mile away and it does make a difference. Being an established business, we have had the fortunate chance to meet so many new customers, from all walks of life, with many of which buying their first ever Christmas trees with us! Oh, and we can tell when this is the case, for next year when we bump into them again, we get what we call here at the Reynolds family, the, “okay this is incredible moment”. You know that moment when you discover a new amazing item on your favorite fast-food menu, or you get into a new car for the first time. That adrenaline, that excitement, that “I want to live in this moment forever”. Now admittedly, when the car begins to smell of your favorite snack, or the 100th bite of that burger begins to fade on you, we all know it never lasts. What does last is that fresh cut feeling, the Christmas smell lingering around the house, casting envy upon your guests and the quality that you won’t find elsewhere.

Still not sold? In that case then, did you know:

  • Real Christmas trees have been proven to be safer for you and family, we aren’t kidding! Artificial trees contain PVC, or polyvinyl chloride as it’s otherwise known, such material has been banned by multiple environmental groups and has been linked to irreversible health problems. Fortunately, our trees are grown on our farm here in the UK, using only the most cautious practices to ensure and prioritize of the safety of our customers, without sacrificing the quality we strive towards.


  • Trees look after your environment! Real trees are incredible for the environment! Seriously they are amazing! By planting and growing 30,000 trees a year we actively give back and encourage environmental sustainability by promoting refuge for wildlife, water protection and soil stability. Our growing and harvesting processes encourage continued renewal by prioritizing practices that put our plant first!


  • Keep our planet green. 85% of artificial Christmas trees are grown in China, and from the material harvesters, to the factories, to the extensive transport, our environment is harmed by the purchase and transportation of such trees. By growing our trees here in the UK we are able to keep transport costs to the bare minimum, and by working with key logistic partners we are able to put sustainability before profits.


  • Supporting our farmers. By choosing Keele Christmas trees you are supporting local farmers, workers and directly supporting our economy! All of our trees are grown here in the UK, and with a staff force of __ here on our farm and elsewhere, you are supporting local. Unlike large artificial retailers, here at Keele we try to work with local businesses and logistics partners where possible, and by supporting us you are supporting them and giving back to our economy.

A real Christmas tree does wonders for the planet and the people on it, by supporting and choosing real, you are contributing to a safer environment for you, your family and the future. You aren’t just benefiting the environment, you are also benefiting yourself, and we can assure you that you’ll be more than happy with your fresh cut, farm grown tree.